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2018 IAH Applied Hydrogeology award nomination
John W Lloyd
This webpage is dedicated to gathering support to the nomination of Professor John Lloyd for the 2018 IAH "Applied Hydrogeology" award.  Deadline for nomination is 30 June 2018.  So, please act promptly.

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Click here for more information on the award and the nomination process.

John has outstanding contributions to the application of hydrogeology around the world, directly through the work he carried out in many places and indirectly through the science he developed and the large number of students he taught who spread the light virtually in every continent and nearly in every country.  His contribution to applied hydrogeology is simply unmatched.  This is a chance to acknowledge the fantastic experience and contribution of this great hydrogeologist.

Although nomination to the award can simply be made by two people, we can do better for John.  Therefore, this webpage has been set up to gather support to John’s nomination as a means of showing our gratitude to his contribution to the science of hydrogeology and its application in real life.

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