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Groundwater & Environmental Consultants
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Our services...
gH₂O Ltd is set to provide specialised high-quality groundwater consultancy services and advice to individual well owners, water well drillers, lifestyle property owners, farmers, irrigators, irrigation companies, larger consulting companies, local and national government organisations.
Our services include, but are not limited to the following:
֍ Resource consent applications & assessment of environmental effects (AEE): Comprehensive or limited assistance from first thoughts to compliance monitoring, including report preparation, liaising with consenting authorities, stakeholders, drillers, etc.
֍ Pumping tests: Constant rate aquifer tests, step-drawdown well efficiency tests, design, supervision, data analysis, reporting and follow up with consenting authorities.
֍ Science communication & expert witness: Technical report reviews, client representation in pre-hearing discussions, hearings, Environment Court and community group meetings.
֍ Compliance monitoring: Manual and automated groundwater level monitoring, groundwater quality sampling, soil moisture, report preparation.
֍ Water well & well field: Planning, siting, design, contract preparation, drilling supervision, geology and water sampling, yield testing, etc.
֍ Research & investigations: Site-characterisation, catchment and regional scale resource assessment, groundwater-surface water interaction, seawater intrusion, etc.
֍ Modelling: 3D geological modelling, groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling (analytical and numerical), soil moisture balance modelling for assessment of irrigation demand, allocation limits and nutrient loads, groundwater quality (thermodynamic) modelling.
֍ Training & software deployment: Training on and customised implementation of a variety of off the shelf software packages, including GMS, AHGW, AquaChem, HydroGeo Analyst, etc.
֍ Other services: Customised databases and information systems, geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping.